I forgot my new pillow.

I love my new pillow. It is squishy and wonderful. I can ball it up and form it into a perfect nest for my weary head. A couple of months ago, I did not know a new pillow could make sleep such a comforting endeavor. Since he entered my life, I look forward to my well deserved break every night.

I forgot my pillow. Sleep is less fun. I have a little moment of regret and loss every night when I lay my head on the cold, uncaring hotel pillows. They do not cradle my head and leave me feeling secure. They just lay there. It is almost as if they are just doing their job, they certainly don’t go above and beyond. They don’t invest part of their soul into making sure I get a good night’s sleep.

My new pillow takes his job seriously. He works as long as I need him too, and he rarely asks to take off early. (Well, except for that one night when he decided to take a walk off the edge of the bed to the floor. We talked about it and he promised to try to control himself from now on.)

I am tired. I miss my pillow.