Happiness is Lubbock, Texas growing nearer and nearer…

WestTexasServiceRegionI was born and raised in West Texas. I had never even been north of Texas until I was in my late twenties, and yet people always assume I am from “up north.”

For those of you who don’t know, people assume Texans have a drawl when they speak. I don’t have that. (Well, not much anyway.) I do say “Y’all” and I am always “fixin” to do something, however I speak fast. Apparently very fast.

Many Texans insert extra syllables into their words. I am watching the news, and this woman just said the word fun. She pronounced it with two full syllables “F- uhhhn” with a pause between the f and the un. LOL. No wonder they are perplexed.

So, here I am in East Texas and I have been asked more than once, “Where are you from?” It makes me laugh. I had speech therapy when I was young, and I have ADHD. My brain is always going 90 miles a minute. I also have a lot to say. So, I speak fast lest I forget what I was saying.

I find it funny. I am a proud Texan, and I still say some things with a hint of twang. Maybe I should get a T-shirt.

Now, does anyone have any tips for dealing with this terrible humidity? Home is dry and windy. Muggy and oppressive wet heat is permeating my soul. I feel waterlogged. Someone wring me out to dry.

One more week until I head home for a week. I cannot wait. I miss my cats. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I am loving the new things I am learning, and I have met some lovely people, but I am a West Texas girl.

I guess the song was true: Happiness really is Lubbock, Texas growing nearer and nearer. Thanks for that Mac Davis. You may be my favorite redneck philosopher.

I guess happiness was Lubbock, Texas
In my rear view mirror
But now happiness is Lubbock, Texas
Growing nearer and dearer
And the vision is getting clearer
In my dreams

– Mac Davis- Happiness is Lubbock, Texas in my Rearview Mirror

Life is good today.

I am off having adventures, seeing more of my great state, and exploring new opportunities. I am so grateful I have a home to go home to. It is nice to have strong roots. You can branch out and see new things, secure in the knowledge home is waiting for you.

Life is a highway.

The Lone Star State. Map from geology.com

I have spent my entire life as a resident of Texas. I am now considering a new adventure which could lead to more exploring of this great state.

There are so many reasons why I should stay put, and enjoy the life I have built here in West Texas. I have good friends, my family is here, and I am scared.

I do not pretend to be this wall of self-confidence, and most people who know me understand I am generally wracked with self- doubt and negative self-talk. (How many times can I hyphenate self-words in one sentence?)

I was talking to one of Tough Mudder Buddies recently, and he was talking about his job search. He was explaining how he felt he needed to be ready for certain positions, and I came up with some profound statement about how when we wait until we are ready, we never do anything. It’s true.

I have never been “ready” for anything to happen in my life. I have always been a little scared of the unknown, and more than a little nervous at the prospect of change. I am working to overcome this.

There is this little ridiculous part of me which makes me feel somewhat disloyal when I seek to make changes in my life. As if I am not appreciative of what I already have. This is silly. Why would I think this way about myself? I certainly don’t begrudge others when they seek to improve themselves.

It’s time to see what the world has to offer. It is time to see what I am capable of.

I owe it to myself, and to all the people who have taught me.

I was given an amazing opportunity, and I learned so much. I was afraid of that challenge too. I am heading into this with an open mind, and an open heart. I need to allow myself to honestly evaluate if this is a good opportunity for me and my career.

There are a lot of important factors to be considered. I am going to seek the counsel of my mentors and family. I know I can look at these situations objectively, and I know I have the ability to make wise and appropriate choices.

I just need to remove fear and self-loathing from the equation.