New Adventures

I have finally made some decisions. I am leaving my dream job, and taking a locum tenens position. I want to have time to focus on new hobbies and endeavors.

When I take a step back and honestly evaluate my life up to this point, I realize my career and education have been my priority and focus. I have even gone as far as to make my career the center of my identity.

Frankly, this is a scary step for me. What if I don’t succeed? What if I am not good at this new job? What if I am wasting my time writing? So many questions and doubts.

Then, I remember this is my dream! To have time to write, the means to travel some, and to learn new things. If I consider the situation honestly, this is perfect for me!

While I am going to miss working with the people who have been my mentors and friends through this journey, they are not going anywhere. It is perfectly acceptable to meet new people and to find new experiences.

I cannot wait until I am “ready” to branch out. The time is now. I am excited for my new adventures.