Who Knew?

I no longer have to worry if I am too much or not enough. I get to be exactly who I want to be at this moment. It no longer matters how I used to define success. 

Obviously I continue to have to remind myself to be true to me. I get sidetracked easily. I let negativity leach it’s way through my pores. Happiness is a decision I have to make. 

I wonder if there are people who just exist in a peaceful state. I wonder if they spend as much time questioning their own motives as I do. Introspection is exhausting. 

It’s counterintuitive how much work it takes to be comfortable being myself. I suppose I spent too many years imagining what other people must think of me. You want to know the most profound thing I have realized? They don’t think of me. People don’t sit around thinking about my failings unless they directly affect them. This brings me comfort. 

Embarking on my next adventure. California, here I come. Ink, yoga, and friends for the next week. I can’t wait! 

Oh, I need to get some sunblock. Don’t forget the sunblock.