Disney World is a lot of waiting. 

Waiting at the airport. 

Waiting on a bus. 

Waiting in line. 

Waiting in line. 

Still waiting in line. 

Waiting for those people in front of us to move! 

Waiting for our fast pass time. 

Waiting on dinner. 

Waiting in line. 

Waiting on the bus. 

Waiting on each other to finish getting ready to go in the morning. 

Waiting to put on my makeup. (Just kidding- I didn’t end up wearing any. Why did I pack it?)

Waiting for the Aleve to work. 

Waiting on the Tylenol to kick in. 

Waiting to buy souvenirs. (Don’t want to waste money buying the wrong thing.) 

Despite all the waiting… I’m having a great time! So glad I get to spend this holiday with my good friend and my son. Grateful for the life I lead. Happy Thanksgiving!