I don’t want to be a gawker

As most of you know, the weather has been crazy here in Texas. We had a blizzard in Lubbock, and the day after Christmas there were several tornados in the Dallas area. 

This morning on my drive home, I am traveling down I-30. To my right I see several apartment buildings with the second story demolished. My first instinct was how I should stop and take a photo. It was oddly fascinating. Then my brain kicked in and I realized I was witnessing the wreckage of tragedy. People lost everything they own. There were lives lost. I did not stop to record this interesting sight. 

I did take a moment to reflect on my gratitude that no one in my family was directly affected or injured by this storm. My brother’s family was entirely too close to this tornado for my comfort. (I swear, they are trying to make me a nervous Nellie with all of their close calls.) 

I don’t ever want to be a passive observer. I  don’t want to drive by your tragedy and not feel pain for your loss and suffering. I don’t want to be a gawker.