Not Ice Cream

First of all, just because I am saying it’s not ice cream doesn’t mean I am saying I don’t like it. It is just not ice cream. Oh, it says it is. They lie.

So, Halo Top is good if you are craving a sweet frozen concoction. It tastes okay. It certainly resembles what some may call ice cream, but I am from Texas. We have Blue Bell. That is ice cream.

I suppose 80 calories per serving is nothing to laugh about, but I just think you should be warned before you go off thinking you have found a low-cal heavenly treat that compares to ¬†Blue Bell’s Homemade Vanilla.

So, I guess you could eat the whole pint and call it a meal replacement, or you could just have the recommended serving size. You probably won’t be sorry. Just remember, It’s not ice cream.