Just Be Nice

I have been trying to write about the mass shooting in Las Vegas, and I found I have nothing new or helpful to add to the conversation. 

I was going to abandon my attempts to talk about it. 

And then I read another story about someone tweeting or posting something horrible about the victims and how they don’t deserve sympathy. 

Gee. Seems kinda odd to me that people who are supposedly so against hate use that platform and politics to justify an attack on thousands of PEOPLE. 

I am sick and tired of reading phrases like lib-tard, repug, snowflake, and many more. 

Why do people insist on finding differences and attacking people for it? 

Let’s go back to the beginning.

Rules for life: 

  1. Keep your hands to yourself.
  2. Don’t take things that do not belong to you. 
  3. Don’t write on the walls. 
  4. Don’t call names. 
  5. Wait your turn. 
  6. Don’t shoot people. 
  7. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything. 
  8. Mind your own business. 
  9. Be nice to animals. 
  10. Help your neighbors when they need it. 
  11. Say “thank you.”

This can’t be that hard. 

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and take a hard look at themselves. All the self-righteous indignation about what other people may or may not believe is ridiculous. 

Just be nice. It’s not that hard. 

Don’t lump people into a group and assume they have certain traits. 

Stop being hypocrites. 

No one deserves to be gunned down when they are doing nothing wrong. No one deserves to be attacked for no reason. No one should be running away from a concert to escape a barrage of bullets. 

This shouldn’t happen. 

Despite the media’s attempt to play up the discourse between humans, I firmly believe we are all a lot closer in ideology than politicians and social media want us to believe. 

Instead of tearing people down, see if you can help them. The government has proven to be ineffective at this. So, let’s fix our communities and stop waiting for someone else to fix it for us. 

Just remember, it’s not very hard to be nice. 

5 thoughts on “Just Be Nice

    1. It seems to me that responding with concern and compassion for thousands of people who were just terrorized shouldn’t be difficult.
      I can’t believe people justify their callus remarks with political rhetoric.
      It’s never okay.
      Innocent people should never be shot at, regardless of their politics, race, religion.. etc. It should also never be condoned.


      1. No it shouldn’t. Admittedly I haven’t (purposely) been keeping up with the news because I can’t handle so much tragedy, but I’m sadly not surprised to hear this is happening. I don’t know why but these days hatred seems to be the norm. Everyone hates anyone who’s different in some way. I just don’t have the energy to hate. I’m too lazy.

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      2. Yes, I do see some of the “outrage” online. Men angry at women who want to be treated equally. White people angry at minorities because they want to be treated equally. Gun owners angry at people who want stricter gun laws because evidently any change to gun laws means we’re trying to take every gun away.

        It’s plainly obvious that 300 million people aren’t ever going to agree on everything, but what I don’t get is, on both sides, an extreme unwillingness to compromise. Nobody wants to hear a differing point of view. People are more concerned with validating their own views than with than admitting that someone else may be getting the short end of the stick. Meanwhile news channels cash in by continuing divisive reporting and dousing an already out of control fire with even more gasoline. Sigh…can we just hide on the moon or something?

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